The benefits of our CNG are: 

  • High Pressure Natural Gas

Our CNG has a high pressure of 200 – 250 barg with low water and sulphur content . As a result, our customers receive high quality gas at stable pressure.

  • Long Term Supply

 Cipta Niaga Gas has obtained a secured long-term Gas Supply Agreement from PGN to ensure long term supply to our customers.

  • Security and Continuity of Supply

The strategic location of our Mother Station, which is located at High Pressure Distribution Line will assure our reliability of supply even in the most shortfall situation. The operation of several Mother Stations will be our utmost guarantee for supply continuity to our customers incase of major transmission piping breakdown.

  • Flexible and Mobile

Our modular system which is designed to suit the customers’ requirement can be directed to any locations inside the customers’ premises or even outside the premises should the customers have several factories. This makes the CNG system immune to piping system limitations.

  • Safe and Secure

Our Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders comply with both Local and International Safety Requirements, even the NASA Safety Standard. The first-class quality of the cylinders ensures the safety of delivery of the CNG. These cylinders are safe against impact, fire and puncture. 

  • Cost Saving

Our team will design the size and schedule of the delivery efficiently and calculate the optimum cost saving for our customers according to the specific requirement and utilization.