Services Provided by Cipta Niaga Gas:

  • Infrastructure Planning and Design

Our Engineers with support information from customers will plan and design the infrastructure specifically according to needs and gas consumption of every individual customer.

  • Cylinders Investment

We will make necessary investment of Cylinders for our customers according to the agreed design.

  • Supply and Continuity

We have reliable supply and continuity due to deployment of several Compressor Stations and Strategic Location of Mother Station.

Although CNG is mainly intended for customers who are not covered by gas pipeline, it is also suitable as a back-up supply for customers who are mainly supplied by gas pipeline. This is due to the CNG’s ‘immunity’ to pressure drop or pipeline breakdown, hence ensuring un-interrupted customer operation. 

  • Delivery

In collaboration with PT. IRON BIRD (BLUE BIRD GROUP), we deliver the High Pressure Gas to Customers’ Premises.

All vehicles will be equipped with GPS monitoring systems and back up system to ensure on- time delivery.

  • Operation and Maintenance

We will provide all the operation and maintenance complete with certified operators, drivers and technicians.